Evaluation Consulting, Coaching, and Training

by marcbolan on October 7, 2010

An independent evaluation consulting firm working with non-profit agencies, community-based organizations, government organizations, and funders/foundations in their efforts to develop systems that help these organizations better evaluate and understand their impacts on the populations they serve.  Marc Bolan specializes in helping organizations build their own capacity to carry out evaluation activities, and works with a range of progams and organizations in the areas of social and human services, youth development, substance use prevention, violence prevention, the arts, and the environment. 

Services Offered:

  • Outcome-Based Evaluation
  • Outcome-Based Strategic Planning
  • Evaluation Coaching and Technical Assistance
  • Customized Evaluation Training Workshops
  • Needs Assessment and Gaps Analysis

New Blog, Join the Conversation!

I wanted to create a forum for some discussion about evaluation and how program evaluation, research, and data might support non-profit organizations in their planning and program delivery efforts. I hope to post a discussion topic every few weeks, drawing on my many experiences working with non-profit organizations, government agencies and foundations to build their capacity to evaluate their strategic and program efforts. Occasionally I will present a featured project, a client I have worked with, and I may call upon others to offer guest posts about their experiences with and insights on program evaluation. Please to enjoy and feel free to contribute to the conversation!