by admin on October 7, 2010

“Marc was a key partner on King Conservation District’s major strategic planning project, leading our Theory of Change development and working with our leadership to design a thorough and collaborative process that engaged staff, board and stakeholders. This work helped ensure our 2020-2024 strategic planning had broad support and was focused on outcomes, not just outputs. This was transformational for our organization and our program managers.  He further mentored and guided staff work on the supporting organization-wide evaluation plan. The result was a pilot program-level plan that leaders and program managers can use to track the progress towards results. Throughout his work, Marc brought a great combination of strong technical knowledge and experience, along with a collaborative project design approach to ensure we got a quality result, that fit our needs and had strong organizational buy-in.”  Joshua Monaghan, former Director of Stewardship Programs with King Conservation District

“I have worked with Marc over the past three years as he served as a consultant for our large SAMHSA funded opioid medication assisted treatment grant project. For this project, Marc produced monthly data reports and assessments of progress for our clinical providers and further developed a separate local data collection tool that was very helpful in gathering additional encounter and referral data. Marc helped train our providers on the data collection process, contributed to our yearly reports, attended monthly meetings, and was a valued member of our team. Given the opportunity, I would definitely work with him again!”  Linda Crothers, PhD, Quality Specialist, North Sound Behavioral Health Administrative Services Organization

“I have been working with Marc for more than ten years, and in a wide variety of projects, from small one-time training and technical assistance meetings, to multi-site multi-year evaluation studies.  He has also done extensive research to support my agency’s effort to develop a coherent data collection strategy, and provided endless support to our stakeholders as they grapple with the need to demonstrate outcomes.  In every project, Marc’s energy and commitment to meeting the needs of his clients is exemplary.  But what I like most about working with Marc is his willingness to meet us where we are at.  He is creative and flexible, and has worked tirelessly to raise the bar on our efforts to improve prevention research practice in Washington.”  Linda Becker, Prevention Research Manager, Washington State Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery

“Small organizations often have a lot of trouble coming up with effective evaluation tools. Marc’s help in creating these tools to assess our after-school and parent advocacy programs has been invaluable. We learned a lot about theory of change, effective surveys, and other methods for collecting data. Marc has been great and very patient in guiding us through this important and necessary process.”  Vu Le, Executive Director, Vietnamese Friendship Association

“There are many good things to say about working with Marc, but the most important is that it is easy.  He asked us thoughtful questions which helped clarify the evaluation questions we were trying to answer.  He followed through as he promised and produced VERY professional evaluation reports. I will be using his expertise again this school year.”  Sue Eastgard, Executive Director Washington State Youth Suicide Prevention Program

“Marc’s expertise helped us to take a giant leap forward in our Theory of Change process: he helped us move beyond established template models that were confusing and academic, and forward to crafting a theory that truly helped clarify who we are as a foundation. We now use our theory of change as a lens through which we review all of our work.”  Nick Hardigg, Executive Director, Alaska Conservation Foundation

“Marc has an extraordinary ability to present data in a meaningful way.  He listens to community members, understands what is needed, and then figures out how to get it.  He has played a critical role in the SPF-SIG Team on the state level but his work in the communities is unprecedented.”    Marcia Via, Certified Prevention Professional

 “Our community has worked with Marc through two prevention grants i.e., Strategic Planning Framework and Drug Free Communities. Marc has worked with us to develop many evaluation tools targeting youth, law enforcement, community members and school staff. Once the data has been collected Marc is able to present the data to various groups from coalition members, school staff, law enforcement etc. utilizing language that meets the needs of the group. Marc is readily available to answer questions, something very important when working with a small, rural community. It is without hesitation that I recommend his services.” Nancy Fiander, Program Coordinator, White Swan Community Coalition